Volunteer at AASRA

Volunteer to man the helpline:

  • At AASRA we offer support from professionally trained and skilled volunteers.
  • The volunteers are selected with great care, chosen for their ability to listen with empathy and understanding.
  • Each volunteer has to undergo training for a minimum of six months before they can start dealing with callers.

Volunteer for publicity and fundraising:

  • Help us spread awareness!
  • Students can talk about and represent AASRA in their schools and colleges.
  • Bloggers can blog about us in their community, link us or help advertise Aasra by giving us a small space in their blog or website.
  • Alternatively, a volunteer can use their Twitter/Facebook or any other social networking platform to promote Aasra among friends and family.
  • A volunteer can direct potential donors to AASRA.
  • As for Corporates, we would be thrilled if you can adopt Aasra as a part of your "Corporate Social Responsibility".
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Intern at AASRA

Aasra provides fieldwork interships to deserving students from higher secondary school, undergraduate, graduate post graduate and doctoral students. You need to apply at least 3 months in advance by emailing us at aasrahelpline@yahoo.com with all specifics regarding yourself, study, activities, coordinator details and institutional details.

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Suicide Susceptibility Survey

In India, the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 reveals that nearly 15% Indian adults need active intervention for one or more mental health issues and one in 20 Indians suffers from depression. It is estimated that in 2012, India had over 258,000 suicides, with the age-group of 15-49 years being most affected.

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